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[NEWS] Introducing... IMPLANTS

IMPLANTS = Strung Out + Voodoo Glow Skulls + Pulley + Ten Foot Pole + The Tank
Around November 2010, Chris Del Rio (Ten Foot Pole) and I (Jim Blowers/Pulley), collaborated to create a new band that would be used as an outlet for song's that wouldn't fit our current bands. After the new year, Chris and I contacted Rob Ramos (Strung Out) in regards to joining IMPLANTS. After listening to what we had, Rob decided to jump on board and join in the creative process. Around that same time, we approached Mando Del Rio (Adolescents) to drum, & Ken Conte (The Tank) to command the lead vocals. After reviewing & deciding in which direction the band would go musically, the band decided to proceed with Chris Dalley (Voodoo Glow Skulls/Ten Foot Pole) on drums. Once the lineup was complete, we immediately hit the studio to record our first batch of songs. As of now, we are still in the process of recording. We will keep you updated & posted as things continue to move forward...

Here are two new songs, Life Passes is simply awesome!

Life Passes

These Walls
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Randy - Education For Unemployment EP (1993)
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Randy - No Carrots For The Rehabilitated EP (1993)
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Randy - There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In (1994)
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Randy - At Any Cost EP (1996)
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Randy - The Rest Is Silence (1996)
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Randy is a punk rock band from Hortlax, Sweden, formed in 1992. They were first inspired by skate punk bands like NOFX and Propagandhi but after the release of The Rest Is Silence and the depart of their bass player Patrik Trydvall, they radically changed their musical style and adopted an older sound reminiscent of Thin Lizzy, The Misfits and Ramones.

- Sample song: Where Our Heart Is -

The Creech - We Do It For The Money (2008)

01. The Sun Is Shining Out Of Our Asses
02. Liquore Store
03. Oneway Track
04. When You Go
05. Something Else
06. Farewell Letter
07. First Of December
08. Your Name In Blood
09. It Wont Stop
10. Hunter 

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punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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The Creech is a melodic punk band from Germany.

- Sample song: When You Go -



Whaleface - Whaleface EP (2007)
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Whaleface - Mind Your Pros And Cons (2009)
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A new crop of young, independent bands are re-invigorating a punk rock staple: melodic hardcore. Pay attention, this is Jacksonville, Florida'sWhaleface . Steeped in the traditions of 90's rockers Pulley, local heroes Inspection 12, and more recent stalwarts Rise Against, the band, comprised of four long time friends are here to rock some tasty riffs-and chill bones.

- Sample song: Simple Mistake -

Spare Lead - Secluded (2001)

01. Skasome
02. Freaks
03. Brain Damage
04. Hate 101
05. Ritalin Boy
06. Right Now
07. To Hear You Say
08. My Anthem
09. You Tried
10. Daddies Little Princess
11. Mamma Know Best
12. Girl Of My Dreams
13. Number 3
14. I'm So Scared
15. Common Ignorance
16. Susan's Song
17. Meant To Hurt
18. Rearranged
19. Absolutely Nothing 
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore 
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Debut CD from Oregon's premiere fast-aggressive punk rock band Spare Lead. Featuring 19 energetic & catchy songs that will satisfy your punk rock needs.
- Sample song: To Hear You Say -


My Silence - Ghost From Past (2012)

01. Ghost From Past
02. Childhood
03. Countdown
04. Numbers
05. Priceless Treasure
06. The Road Trip
07. The No.8

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- screaming melodic hardcore punk -
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My Silence is a fast screaming melodic hardcore band from Barcelona, Spain.
- Sample song: Countdown -

[TOUR] Mute 2012 shows

Mute will be touring Europe, Canada and EEUU this 2012!


[TOUR] A Wilhelm Scream European Tour 2012

(click on the image to see a bigger picture)

A Wilhelm Scream will be touring this March and April. They are covering a lot of new ground across 16 countries.

Who is going to miss this?

[NEWS] 'Atlas Losing Grip' writing new album!

According to their facebook, the swedish skatepunk band Atlas Losing Grip is recording a new album:

Howdy party people! As you know, we have started the process of writing songs for our next album. What are your wishes and expectations for that one? Bomb us!

Jonestown Tragedy - The Art Of Letting Go EP (2009)

01. What's Said And Done
02. One By One
03. Right From The Start
04. Failsafe
05. Lights Burn
06. Where The Fire Never Dies

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punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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Jonestown Tragedy formed in March 2007 after other projects failed they blend fast punk rock, dueling metal riffs and melodic vocals. If you’re a fan of A Wilhelm Scream, the Swellers and Strung Out you'll definitely like these awesome tunes.Jonestown Tragedy releases their 2nd EP bringing dueling guitar leads, melodic vocals and straight up punk with a dash of progressive rock.
- Sample song: In Between -

[NEWS] Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats The Tape to be relased on vinyl

From the Jump Start Records facebook:

Along with the Belvedere 2XLP that we're releasing just in time for Groezrock and the band's upcoming reunion shows in Europe, Canada, and Brazil this year, we're teaming up with Animal Style Records and Effervescence Records in Europe to bring you, for the first time ever on vinyl, Belvedere's 2004 release 'Fast Forward Eats the Tape.' First pressing of 500 will be on white w/black splatter (250) and clear (250). we'll be launching a pre-order for this very soon as well, so stay tuned!


Steve And The Alcoholics - Greatest Hits [JAPANESE RELEASE] (2010)

01. Photographs
02. Beardy Crook
03. Skate Or Die
04. Our Own Words
05. Ballroom
06. Hi! I'm Steve
07 A Knights Tale
08 No!
09 Carstuck Girls
10 We're Doing Fine
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Steve And The Alcoholics is a fast melodic skatepunk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was started by Steve himself a couple years ago. After some changes of members and an upgrade from trio to quartet the band finally found its final line-up; a powerful blend of members from several established Swedish punk rock bands such as Chemical Vocation, When We Fall, Bowser and Go Drowsy.

- Sample song: No! -

[NEWS] New 'Thanks To Losers' songs

Thanks To Losers started in late 2008 as a new project from ex-Bisai, Neutral Kick, Krilin and dReza. They love fast melodic punk rock and that's what they try to do, as fast as they can. They realeased our first album in 2011 entitled "Welcome To The Losers Initiative". After playing with bands like Mute, Cobra Skulls or This is a Standoff they are starting to record new songs.

The have now released a new song, 'The Ant Hill' from their upcoming EP 'Winners' that will be released this year.
Listen the new song below, or on their Bandcamp page and follow themon facebook.
The Ant Hill -

Do you like it? Download it here.


TNX - Mediassholic EP (2011)

01 Stay Away From JAPunks
02 Read Between The Lines
03 Tonight Is The Night
04 I Know Why You Were Scared
05 Unionway

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skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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TNX is a skate punk band from Japan

- Sample song: Stay Away From JAPunks -

Yellowcard - Where We Stand (1999)

01. Lesson Learned
02. Time Will Tell
03. Sue
04. April 20th
05. Uphill Both Ways
06. Kids
07. Doesn't Matter
08. Sorry Try Again
09. Anywhere But Here
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Where We Stand is the second album by American rock band Yellowcard. It was released in 1999 (and re-released in 2004 and 2005).
Ben Dobson (singer) and Todd Clary (guitarist) who left after this album had a lot to do with their sound of old. Dobson’s scruffy, rough-around-the-edges vocal approach gave this band some toughness that is quite different from their current incarnation. The lyrics are about rebellion and philosophy. It was released by Takeover Records, a label created by one of the band's guitarists, Ben Harper. It is currently out-of-print. The songs "Sue" and "Uphill Both Ways" were both on Yellowcard's first album Midget Tossing.

Even if you dont like Yellowcard because they now play punkpop, give a try to these two albums. They used to play great melodic punk rock!
- Sample song: Kids -

Yellowcard - Midget Tossing (1997)

01. 2 Quarts
02. Possessions
03. Sue
04. American't
05. Uphill Both Ways
06. Me First
07. For the Longest Time
08. Get Off the Couch
09. Interlewd
10. Someday
11. Goodbye
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- fast melodic hardcore -
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Midget Tossing is Yellowcard's debut album, released in 1997 by DIY Records.
Even if you dont like Yellowcard because they now play punkpop, give a try to these two albums. They used to play great melodic punk rock before changing to punk-pop.

- Sample song: Get Off the Couch -


New Skatepunkers logo & tshirts

As you can see we have an awesome new skatepunkers design by our russian friends of ottyag. If you have a band and you are looking for a designer don't hesitate on contacting them. They are super nice guys and they will make you an great design. You can see some examples on theirofficial page or their facebook account. Follow them!

So we have taken the opportunity of making new skatepunkers tshirts. You can now buy the Skull Skatepunkers Tshirt in our store. White andclear grey colors.


[NEWS] New 'Contrabandit' song: The Debts

Contrabandit are streaming a new track, 'The Debts' from the upcoming album 'Greatest Hits, Vol 3'.

[NEWS] 'Rebuke' teaser from upcoming album & contest

New Rebuke 7" coming out on 1st April! Pre-orders up now, but be in with a chance of winning a copy (you'll be refunded if you've ordered) by sharing this awesome promo video for the release! This is both ours and the bands first 7", so please support this ace release!

To win a free 7" you only have to go here and share the video.


No Trigger - Tycoon (2012) [VBR]

01. Maple Boy
02. Dried Piss
03. Windmill And Watertower
04. Checkmate
05. Department Of The Interior
06. Mountaineer
07. Insider (Executive/Amputee)
08. New Brains
09. Permanent
10. Skyscrapers
11. Turn In My Throat

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skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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The story of No Trigger begins in Massachusetts in the year 2000 when the impassioned hardcore punk outfit made their first splash with a series of self-released demos and split EPs, leading punk rock media outlets such as Pastepunk and Punknews to name them the best unsigned band of their time. Fast forward to 2006, countless live shows later, and the release of the band’s landmark debut (and to this point, only) full length album,Canyoneer on Nitro Records, an album that, regardless of any future releases, cemented the band’s legacy in punk rock forever. Such is the story of No Trigger, a band destined to release groundbreaking punk rock albums, riling up their fanbase, only to disappear into the abyss and return again years later.

- Sample song: Windmill And Watertower -


Interstate 007 - On My Own (2001)

01. Can't You See Yourself
02. Just Another Day
03. No Making
04. Shut Up 
05. We're Not Alone
06. On My Own 
07. Playdoe
08. Rotting Away
09. Going Nowhere
10. Blind Hatred 
11. Numb
12. I Don't Believe
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skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Interstate 007 is maybe the fastest band you'll ever listen.

- Sample song: We're Not Alone -